Case Study: Molded Fiber Glass ‘Project Hawk’ – corporate documentary and promotional video project

The Client:

Molded Fiber Glass Companies is a pioneering composite manufacturing and research company, headquartered in Ashtabula, Ohio. It is an international company, with 16 entities, located in ten states and Mexico.

The Situation:

MFG commissioned Media Magic to produce a year-long, interview-driven high-definition video project, resulting in the creation of a  hour-long documentary on the company’s 4-year long “Project Hawk” , a  ‘Best Practices’ program for Sheet Molded Composites production, and a 15-minute SMC sales video, to be extracted from that video production.

The Strategy:

A four-person camera crew followed MFG’s Hawk team during its last year of the project, covering construction and management initiatives at five MFG operations in Ashtabula, Ohio, Linesville, Pennsylvania and Raleigh, North Carolina. During that time, more than two dozen interviews with MFG teammates were conducted for the two videos.

The Result:

MFG has used the Project Hawk HD documentary as both a sales tool for potential clients and as a teaching and motivational tool for the corporate executive team and teammates at all 16 MFG entities. The SMC sales video remains in use by the corporate sales and marketing team at trade shows, on YouTube and distributed to customers on DVD and Blu-Ray. The CEO was so pleased with the results of both video projects, that Media Magic was commissioned to create an additional 10-minute HD sales video for a new composite product called “PRIME” ,a new promotional video on their Wind Energy line of products and services and a series of 10 new web videos for their MFG Composites website

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