Case Study: PlastPro 2000 Audio/Visual Reinforcement and Event Video Production

The Client:

JM-Pipe of Livingston, New Jersey, the world’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer, and a subsidiary of the Formosa Plastics Group, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, based in Taiwan.

The Situation:

JM-Pipe contracted with Media Magic to assess and manage all of the audio-visual reinforcement and live event video production needs for a spectacular 2-day Grand Opening event, attended by dignitaries from around the world. The mid-summer event heralded the opening of the world’s largest, state-of-the-art composite door manufacturing facility, located in northeastern Ohio, and owned by their subsidiary, PlastPro2000.

The event would kick off with a welcoming dinner at an upscale winery in Geneva, Ohio. The next day, the two main events would take place: the mid-morning opening ceremony, followed by guest and media tours of the Austinburg Township facility, and the evening celebration and festivities, taking place at the beautiful Lodge and Conference Center at Geneva State Park. A full fireworks presentation by Zambelli Fireworks, synchronized to music, would follow the evening event. MMP would be responsible for outdoor sound reinforcement and synching the music to the fireworks display.

J-M Pipe requested that the welcoming dinner, along with all of the Grand Opening activities, which included a parade with a high school marching band, daytime pyrotechnics, walking tours of the plant and appearances by the governor, senators and a myriad of other state and local officials, be videotaped on broadcast format for use in a future corporate documentary chronicling the event.

Media Magic would be responsible for obtaining and overseeing  the installation of all staging, lighting, and all audio-visual sound and video reinforcement and production equipment, at all three locations, including wireless sound reinforcement for tour guides at the plant.

The morning events of the Grand Opening ceremony would take place in three giant tents- each big enough to handle hundreds of guests. The main tent would hold a stage and two large projection screens that would display a live, 2-camera camera feed of the speakers, during the event, as well as a company promotional video. A third roaming camera would cover b-roll and color shots, for the final edited piece. There would be a five-hour gap between the morning and evening events.

The Strategy:

The Media Magic team worked closely, for several weeks, with representatives from PlastPro2000, Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County and the technical team from Hughie’s Audio-Visual of Cleveland, to assess the exact equipment, staging and crew needs and acquire and set-up what was needed, on time, and in perfect working order, for the multiple events.

Media Magic assembled a hand-picked “Dream Team” of 15 A/V and video production specialists into three main teams: two separate teams to handle the A/V needs at both Grand Opening ceremony locations;  the third, a camera crew to handle the 2-day video production at all three venues.

The Media Magic team leaders stayed in daily contact with the PlastPro2000, Growth Partnerships and Hughie’s representatives from project initiation until the end of the event, to make sure everything worked smoothly, and to accommodate almost daily changes being made by corporate event planners in New Jersey and Taiwan.

The Result:

Through the professionalism and tireless efforts of all 15 Media Magic teammates, along with the hard work and attention to detail provided by the Hughie’s A/V team, the Grand Opening event went  very smoothly and was a technical success. Guests were treated to outstanding sound and visuals, free of glitches, at all venues. Our video production crews captured forever the grandeur and excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration for J-M Pipe and Plastpro2000.

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