Peekaboo Cat, the Queen of the Cloverside Farms and Media Magic Household, 2002-2014

It is, again, with great sadness, that we, at Cloverside Farms and Media Magic, announce the death of another beloved member of the Cloverside Farms family. Peekaboo Cat left our world, yesterday afternoon, after a sudden illness. A daughter of Darla Cat , she was born here in the farm in the spring of 2002. We rescued her after we found her, a little ball of fluffy white fur with a spot on her nose, peeking out beneath the deck of our video shed. Hence, her name, ‘Peekaboo’.

Later, in 2002, Peekaboo participated in our Medieval Wedding. Representing the Cloverside Critters, she, along with her older cousin  Coconut Cat, another white  cat with gorgeous blue eyes (who she romantically pursued, until his death, a few years ago), were carried in cat carriers, by the wedding party. Peekaboo and Coconut were the Cat’s Meow, paws down.

Peeky always seemed to get herself in trouble with the outside cats, so we brought her inside to live as a housecat. Her China Blue eyes and seal point coloring won the heart of Dave immediately, and she became ‘Daddy’s Girl’. Spoiled, fussy, ever hungry and forever seeking attention, Peekaboo was a true delight. The two would spend hours together, talking and meowing back and forth.

In 2007, Peekaboo was joined in the house by another under-the-porch rescue, Munchkin Kitty. The two lived as sisters in the house, chasing and playing with each other and tricking us out of food. Munchkin is very sad and lonely now, however, a new friend may be joining her, in the near future.

In 2008, Peekaboo became the online Twitter mascot for Cheryl Dickson-Walker’s MMPCheri Twitter account. She became friends with Sockington, the Twitter superstar cat and joined his Socksamillion army of feline followers.

Peeky always loved being outside and exploring the natural world. Not much of a mouser, she preferred taking a nap, enjoying the warm breezes, bouncing through the tall grasses and flirting with the outside cats. On her last day, Peekaboo spent part the morning, lying on the grass, listening to the birds up in the trees surrounding her. She was very happy.

Peekaboo wiggled and purred her way into our hearts and souls. We have dozens of photos and videos of her antics, which we will display over the next few days. Please join us in celebrating the life of a very devoted, fun loving and graceful feline friend, who we will always cherish.

Thanksgiving Peekaboo Cat cropped