Case Study: Franklin for Solicitor – Political Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations Campaign Consulting, Marketing, Collateral Materials Production

The Client:

Incumbent Ashtabula City Solicitor Michael Franklin (Independent).

The Situation:

Michael Franklin hired Media Magic to handle his re-election campaign marketing for the 2011 general election. He was facing a tough campaign by his predecessor, a Democratic candidate , whom be beat, with our assistance, in 2007. His opponent, who had a very well known and documented checkered past, decided he wanted his old job back, and was expected to go extremely negative in his campaigning. Franklin was looking for a winning campaign strategy to counter this.

The Strategy:

We, at Media Magic, believed the most important thing the Franklin campaign had to do was to dominate the message going out to the voters, from the start, and to remind voters of his opponents alleged criminal activity, while in office, so that when they heard the name of his opponent, they immediately associated with his past negative actions … no matter their political affiliation. That would put his opponent on the defense from the get-go and allow Franklin’s message to be heard.

To accomplish this, we  designed Franklin’s  campaign website to give viewers a clear picture of his mission and accomplishments in the past four years. It also had a special page filled with links to newspaper and magazine coverage of all of his opponents misdeeds, in and out of office.  Franklin did not have to make accusations on his own – the newspapers took care of this for him. We then posted links to articles on this page on Franklin’s Facebook, WordPress blog, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, along with very active local political forums on Facebook. This drove traffic back to the campaign website, where readers could read more about Franklin and see more of the negative articles published about his opponent. Michael also took part in a half hour podcast with a local political blogger. Connecting with constituents on Facebook and other social media outlets really allowed Franklin to communicate his message directly to interested voters and win their trust.

At the beginning of September, Media Magic filmed and produced two radio and TV ads for Mike Franklin, one featuring his on camera, discussing his accomplishments, the other showing part of a televised debate in which his opponent denied knowledge of any wrongdoing in office. In the ad, his statement was followed by past newspaper headlines detailing the charges against him. These ads aired on local cable and radio throughout the campaign season and were placed on Franklin’s website, Facebook and YouTube pages, available 24/7. We also took advantage of online advertising, placing ads on the newspaper and radio station websites, and ads on Facebook. As a result, Google shot his ranking up, giving Franklin a dominating online presence that his opponent, who did little advertising, could not touch.

To kick start the ground game, Media Magic created an arsenal of campaign collateral for hand out and direct mail: a postcard mailer, 3  campaign flyers,  five  quarter page and full page ads in the two  local newspapers, plus the ad and story in the Election Tabloid.

When his opponent leveled unsubstantiated charges against Franklin, Media Magic set up two press conferences, to counter the false claims. these press conferences resulted in at least three positive stories for Franklin, and several other negatives stories about Franklin’s opponent.


The Result:

Franklin handily defeated his opponent in the general election.


Franklin for Solicitor Billboard

Franklin for Solicitor Billboard

Franklin for Solicitor Flyer Front

Franklin for Solicitor Flyer Front

Franklin for Solicitor Flyer Back

Franklin for Solicitor Flyer Back

Ashtabula City Solicitor Michael Franklin Discusses Campaign Issues in new 30-minute Podcast- now available on iTunes and YouTube


Bucci\’s Banter: Ashtabula County Insider – Mike Franklin Interview Ashtabula City Solicitor Michael Franklin (Independent) is one of the latest guests to appear with host, David Bucci, on the ‘Bucci’s Banter: Ashtabula County Insider’ weekly podcast.

During the 30-minute interview, Franklin, who is running, this year, for re-election to the office of Ashtabula City Solicitor, discusses his candidacy, including his personal background and qualifications for the position. Franklin also answers questions about the proper role of the City Solicitor and his many accomplishments during his first term in office, including negotiating a City-County Sewer Agreement that opened the way for new economic development in the city.

You can listen, watch or download the complete Bucci’s Banter Ashtabula County Insider podcast with Mike Franklin, beginning Wednesday, October 5,  online, at iTunes:, or at Re-Elect Michael Franklin, City Solicitor campaign website and Youtube : and

Bucci’s Banter” is a podcast series made by David Bucci for the Happy Hacker BBS II message forum,  Covered are general topics, interviews and discussions about Ashtabula County, Ohio, including politics, business, community and local entertainment. The RSS feed for the podcast is, and can also be found in the iTunes podcast directory. For more information on ‘Bucci’s Banter- Ashtabula County Insider’ podcast programs, contact David Bucci at 440-964-8119 or .

For more information about Ashtabula City Solicitor Mike Franklin and the Re-Elect Franklin for City Solicitor campaign, please visit our website:  , or contact Cheryl Dickson-Walker, publicist, at Media Magic: cell: 440-645-9472; studio: 440-294-2431 or .