Ashtabula Outdoor Army Navy Store ‘Gangnam Style’ Video Goes Viral

This was a really fun and silly TV ad shoot. Even our own Director of Photography, Dave Walker, got his 15 minutes of fame… make that, SHAME!!! Owner and chief vidiot Bill Hyland, with the assistance of Media Magician and voiceover artist extraordinaire David Bucci, brought together about a dozen local actors from the Harbor Playhouse, Ashtabula Arts Center and Conneaut Center for the Arts to participate in the filming of this parody of Psy’s classic ‘ Gangnam Style ‘ music video. OAN’s video has become a viral hit on Facebook and gotten more than 2000 hits on YouTube. Here are some photos from the shoot:

2012-12-05_19-56-36_951 2012-12-05_21-23-57_3412012-12-05_19-57-54_7922012-12-05_22-42-08_352012-12-06_13-47-15_53 2012-12-05_19-57-27_540

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