From: Crain’s Cleveland Business: In Praise of… Praise… a little can go a long way, in the workplace.

A job well done

Most employers understand the value of praising their workers. But relatively few do it right.

So says this story from, which includes comments from Wayne Nemeroff, a psychologist and co-founder/CEO of PsyMax Solutions, a Cleveland-based provider of “integrated human capital management tools.”

Praise “involves very little effort and produces a lot in return,” according to “It’s a no-brainer, even for people who are otherwise ingrates.”

That’s why you should give praise. But how do you do it?

Most management experts “stress the importance of specificity,” according to the story.

“You want to balance praise with constructive feedback,” Dr. Nemeroff says. He suggests, “Recall a particular situation and describe a specific behavior; acknowledge the impact the behavior or action had on the group or the project or the action or on you.”

Among other suggestions for effective praise:

  • Do it now. “The closer the recognition is to the behavior, the more likely it will be repeated,” says.
  • Do it often. “The more you message what’s important to you, the more people will focus on that,” the story notes.
  • Praise followed by criticism is not praise.
  • Praise followed by praise is probably a little too much praise

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